There are two creatures living inside my head who behave opposite to another. While I know that I should be studying, randomly the other creature opens a tab on facebook. These two had been in a continuous fight with each other since O/L days.

I have tried various website blockers to block me browsing facebook. However, the other creature somehow finds a way to find a bug in it and bypass that app.

The never ending fight ended a couple of months back. And here's what i did.

I found an open source app called self control on the internet.

you can easily set a time limit to block certain websites, and yet I have not found a way to bypass this app.

On the phone..

I started using screen time on my phone and it was really effective until i started entering the passcode each time the time ran out.

So to avoid me trying to enter the passcode, I asked my friend udith to create a passcode for me. So unless it's urgent, I didn't ask him to unlock the time limit.

Here comes the interesting part....

One day I asked him to unlock the time limit.. And he had forgotten the passcode. Fast forward to today, there are 19 failed passcode attempts.

The first 15 passcodes were typed in random. Now, we're keeping a log as to what we type to avoid duplicate attempts. (you can enter a passcode once in every 60 minutes)

Yep, Camera, Calendar, Photos, Whatsapp all are blocked after a certain time limit for each day. Even though whatsapp messages get delivered to me, i don't get notifications. Some might wonder why i don't reply to them fast... So here you go.. this is the reason..

If you're a person like me, try a similar method... :)

I'll update this once I find the passcode..If there are any comments let me know down below... .¯\(ツ)/¯